The Perfect Pre-Order Session (EN)

The Perfect Pre-Order Session (EN)

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Did you know you could get paid to create new products?

That's right! I've personally never sold anything I had already created.

Truthbomb: when you do a pre-order, you can develop a new product or program and get paid to do it.

But you can't go randomly putting up a non-existent offer, of course. You need a plan to sell out your pre-order and secure your cashflow.

Why? Because your pre-order could be responsible for bringing in 20-30% of your total launch revenue.

Last year, I launched one of my programs for the fifth time around summer time and during my pre-order alone, I brought in +200.000 euros.

The only question is: how do you prepare and organize a profitable pre-order like this?

That's exactly what I teach you in my Perfect Pre-Order Session.

During this training, we'll go deeper in nailing your pre-order: what elements should you not forget about and what components are crucial to a profitable pre-order?

I'll share my best practices and exclusive behind the scenes to sell out your next pre-order so you can get paid before creating.

The result? You'll have all the necessary tools to sell out the pre-order of your next launch. 🚀

It's an invaluable asset to have, you'll have lifelong access and it will ensure you leave no crumbs when it comes to your pre-order success.

Claim your access to this video course in English now if you want to:

✅ Learn how to make money before your product is ready

✅ Discover the strategies I use for all my (multiple) 6-figure pre-orders

✅ Turn your pre-order into a massive cash injection that sets the tone for the rest of your launch