How to get your shit together - Online Workshop

How to get your shit together - Online Workshop

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On Thursday February 28th, I will be organizing an online workshop on how to get your shit together.

I get questions from busy women all the time asking me how to overcome the overwhelm and make sure they ‘get stuff done’ better.

I get it.

You want to be put together.

You want to prioritize your health.

You want to feel more ‘fit’.

You’d love to sleep more.

You’d love to stop procrastinating.

But you just don’t know how…

I get it, and I can help you!

Register now for the GYST online workshop and get all the tools you need to Get Your Shit Together!

The GYST workshop will be live and online with me and I will walk you through the Success Steps you need to get your shit together.

Joining live? You can ask me any questions you want.

Can’t make it? I’ll make sure everyone who registered gets this recording.

The workshop will take place on February 28th from 7pm until 9pm. After buying your ticket, you will get an e-mail confirming your purchase and with a link included that will lead you to the workshop.